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Become a Certified Agile Business Analyst for a Bright Future in Business Analytics

Did you know that almost 71% of modern businesses use agile approaches in their business analytical processes and people who are certified as agile business analyst are able to earn at least 16% more than the ones that are not certified?

A certified agile business analyst course from a licensed and authorized agency is the way to enhance the skills and competencies of a professional who is armed with an Agile mindset. Being a part of the course helps understand the essence and use of Agile to make business processes smooth and effective. If you are already part of an Agile IT space but do not have a professional certification, it is imperative that you get yourself certified. This is not only for your career and future but also important for the company where you are presently working.

A certified agile business is thorough with working in an Agile IT environment. It is a big plus for the business because such personnel are in a better position to lead and participate in an enhanced business analysis process. A professional who has completed the course successfully will be able to spearhead the agile environment in his place of work with a background that is intertwined with industry best practices.  As more and more businesses turn to the agile work ecology, it is becoming essential for all industry verticals to employ certified agile business experts who are all geared to respond to changing market conditions and demands with speed and promptness.

Business analytics is a growing industry. The current rate of CAGR of the industry is 7% and is forecaster to reach $7.1 billion in the next two years. This course supersedes individual courses of Business Intelligence, Computer Programming and Data Analytics. A business analyst is responsible for strategizing and digging out data so that trends and patterns of the market can be understood by proper decoding of this data. It is a highly responsible job profile which is why if you are interested to become a business analyst, ensure that you complete a business analyst course in London from an acknowledged institute.


Published by Brightedge Academy

Brightedge Academy provides high-quality training to individual and corporate customer. Our course curriculum is prepared by industry experts who have more than 30 years work experience in the field. Our offered courses are prince2 certification, business analysis certification, scrum master certification, product owner certification and more. Website:

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